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wiper polyimide heating sheet

上市日期: 2019-01-07

The wiper heater is installed in the car to quickly remove moisture. Adopting polyimide heating (we also call it kapton heater film)material, thickness 0.3MM, installation does not occupy space, low power consumption, energy saving

Technical parameters: 

Product thickness: 

Practical temperature: 

Insulation resistance: 

Compressive strength: 

Power density: 

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2019 - 01 - 07
The ventilator heater consists of a polyimide heating film(we also call it kapton heater film) and an aluminum plate. By heating, the gas in the device reaches a comfortable temperature that can be inhaled by the human body. The built-in sensing temperature can monitor the temperature at any time and maintain the heating at a certain temperature. The fuse ensures that the heating can be turned off...
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The circular polyimide heater film (we also call it kapton heater film) is applied to the lens defogging heating to ensure the image effect. The thickness of the polyimide heater film is 0.15-0.4MM, and the heating sheet can be customized according to the lens shape. The back side 3M glue is easy to install.Technical parameters: Product thickness: Practical temperature: Insulation r...
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This type of polyimide heater(we also call it kapton heater film) is applied to the heating of the battery module and is processed by metal foil etching. The shape is accurate and can be mass-produced.Technical parameters: Product thickness: Practical temperature: Insulation resistance: Compressive strength: Power density:
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This type of polyimide heater(we also call it kapton heater film) is used for heating the medical infusion tube. It is designed according to the specific requirements of the installation location. It has strong adaptability, high heating efficiency, quick installation and long service life.Technical parameters: Product thickness: Practical temperature: Insulation resistance: Co...
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