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Epoxy board heating sheet thickness: 1-2mm, operating temperature range: -40 ° C -160 ° C. Hard board, good surface wear resistanc...
This type of product should be heated with auto parts, silicone heating film with a temperature of 150 degrees and a thickness of 1-2MM. Inc...
These silicone heaters are used for heating pipes or cylinders, for wrapping, for high thermal efficiency and long service life.A variety of...
The surface of the drum heater belt is equipped with a thermostat, which is directly controlled by the thermostat (30-150 degrees).It is oft...
silicone heater film is a kind of flexible heating element. It has thin material, fast heating and does not take up space. It can be placed ...
This type of silicone heating sheet can be used for heating pipes or bottle materials. The velcro device is easy to install. The _disibledev...
This type of heater can be customized according to the size and shape of the monitoring equipment lens. Can be attached to the lens to achie...
The epoxy board is more wear-resistant and has better pressure resistance, and the size and thickness can be customized.We are a professiona...
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